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"The Face Of Impact"

Just Face It Events & Photo Booths, LLC is a event planning and photo booth rental company run by some of the most amazing professionals in the business.

Our motto is “The Face of Impact” as we also utilize our knowledge to educate and provide hands-on training to underprivileged young adults to learn business and entrepreneurship. This allows us to set our young adults up for success by teaching them customer service, professionalism, acceptable and respectful written communications, creative edge through overlay creation, and business, as a whole, behind the scenes.

We work collectively with Women Enuff, Inc (a local non-profit organization) to find local talent to advance the impact of sustainability in our communities both economically and in a social dimension.

While our event professionals are educated and advanced in event planning and photo booths, what purpose does that knowledge serve if we are not spreading that knowledge to others seeking to learn?! We live by our motto, "The Face Of Impact", because we choose to BE the change that we need to see in the world instead of just talking about it!

Regular photo booths are soooo 1900's...

Let's get you into the right century!

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Now Available For Rental

Now available in
black and white!

What is a 360 Video Platform?!


360-degree video platform, the term refers to the most innovative booth of the era. This video platform has completely changed the way people feel about events and conferences. It has also solved the difficulty of finding engaging activities at an event for the attendees. The 360 Video Platform has emerged as a revolutionary innovation for event organizers and hosts.

Without any engaging content or activity, your party or event may turn out to be tedious for your guests. As an event organizer, you must look for unique solutions to make the event a grand success. From kids to our more seasoned peers, family and friends, everyone loves snapping photos and videos on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and sharing them instantly with family and friends! Our 360 Video Platform rental services will change the way you look at video booths! This is the premium video experience that impresses!


Strike a pose and capture every angle! Immerse yourself in 360 degree that lets you create dynamite videos. This is a truly immersive experience that takes you where your imagination wants to go!


Weddings &
Corporate Events

Digital Video Camera Takes Video From Every Angle!

Your wedding day or private event is special, and your entertainment can be too. Capture your event with our booths to give your guests an experience they will remember.


Sporting Events

Let us deliver captivating content to your fans and give them a souvenir they can share with the world! We have worked with arenas and stadiums to add an engaging element to professional sports events.


Brand Marketing & Private Events

Make your brand stand out at your next event. Capture amazing content with backgrounds and props customized to your brand on your fan's social media accounts. No brand yet?! No problem, because after your private event, you will be a brand in itself!


TV & Movie

Provide your guests at your next TV or movie premiere with an opportunity​ to have their entire ensemble captured. Our booths are perfect for your next red carpet premiere.

Let's Be Social!

Why choose us?!

Unparalleled Customer Service : We pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide. We collaborate with you to make your photo/video booth vision become a reality.  From our "Mask Off" Package, providing an economical video/photo booth with instant sharing capabilities, to the full-scale "Face Beat" package, featuring your choice of Backdrop, Props, and Customized 360 Video Platform animations and more!

Just Face It... This is the PERFECT choice for your next event.

Elegant, Simple and sleek :  Our booths are designed with the modern party in mind. Our open-air video booth leaves plenty of room for guests to get creative with their ideas for videos.

Cutting Edge Photo Technology : Our booths are equipped with top of the line equipment and professional software to share videos and photos instantly and seamlessly. Our "Face Beat" package features the latest systems and software on the market. No matter your package, our video booths produce stunning picture quality.


It starts with the PRIMER...


Contact us today with information about your event and ideas so that our amazingly creative and capable team can put together a quote based on your wants and needs!

We Do It All!


Next comes the FOUNDATION...

- 360° Video Booth

- Event Planning by Essynce Events

- DJ Services offered by DJ Double L

Pick ONE, TWO or all THREE! Either way, our expertise in planning events will knock you off your socks, but our prices will cushion the hard fall as we have the best prices in the Chicagoland area!


Time for the SETTING SPRAY...


Extraordinary events deserve more than just another ordinary DJ, Event Planner and Photo Booth! Our services and products have one major thing in common... OPTIMAL QUALITY as the main objective. Your event will be the talk of the town for years to come!

Don't Know What To Do
In The Booth?!


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360 Video Platform Enclosure
*Available only for the 80 cm platform*

360 Video Booth LED Enclosure
360 Video Booth LED Enclosure
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